Hiring the digital experts of tomorrow.

Working at Izoard will jumpstart your career and skyrocket your skills growth.

As our sister company Clicktrust says « We don’t believe in unicorns. They don’t exist. We don’t need to be the biggest, grow the fastest, have the biggest profit rate or win the most awards. We do need work-life balance, good salaries and personal growth. »

What is it like to work at Izoard ?

You will work on several small and medium size businesses in different vertical (Automotive, lifestyle, ecommerce, B2B,…) on several channels, at a high pace, alongside with our senior team members. That’s THE best way to skyrocket your skillset and kickstart your career in a short amount of time.

You will enter the MTV network ecosystem (Clicktrust, Mountainview, Stereo agency, MV Studio,..) which means lots of possibilities to evolve inside Izoard and other companies of the network.

Working at Izoard means full flexibility:
• You can work from home.
• Go in our brand new co-working style office at Merode (Brussels).
• The opportunity to go 2x a year at Malaga – Spain for a workation.

Your day to day job at Izoard.

• Setup and management of Google ads, Youtube and Display campaigns.
• Setup and management of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and TikTok campaigns.
• Setup and management of Amazon ads campaigns.
• Setup and report of google analytics and google tag manager
• Create awesome reports with Google datastudio
• Join client meetings to discuss insights and next steps
• Participate in team brainstorming about clients digital strategies
• A couple of internal calls/status meetings.

You will work closely with a senior marketeer that will assist you and teach you our way of working and excellence.

> Discover your future colleagues here. Let’s connect on linkedin!

Who are we looking for?

Don’t have all the skills mentioned above? No worries, we will teach you all of this.

Here are our expectations:
✔️ You are native dutch speaker and you are fluent in English. (French is a plus)
✔️ You are motivated and want to jumpstart your career.
✔️ You take initiatives, learn fast and figure things out.
✔️ You are organized and accurate.
✔️ You want to become an expert and evolve fast.
✔️ You have some experience in digital marketing through previous job/stage/internship or personal experience.
✔️ You are passionate about digital, gaming, web, crypto or anything about the digital world.

What are we offering?

✅ Possibility to work from the office, home and remotely.
✅ 2 x 1 week of workation abroad (Spain)
✅ 650m2 brand new offices in the heart of Brussels shared with our 3 sister companies from MTV networks.
✅ Competitive salary and benefits.
✅ A total transparence about company financials, salaries, targets..
✅ Brand new macbook, 2nd screen, phone/internet package.
✅ Clicktrust bootcamp (2 weeks of intensive training)
✅ Ongoing coaching by senior team members
✅ Extremely fast growth of your skills
✅ Fun and caring colleagues

About us.

Izoard was founded by 2 previous « Clicktrust-er », our sister company from MTV networks.

We love to describe Izoard as the « Robin Hood » of digital marketing. We use skills, excellence and deep expertise acquired on the « big accounts » to help SME’s to grow fast.

No-bullshit, keep things simple, be 100% transparent and keep things fun are our main core value.

We are a fast growing company with one main goal « Provide the best digital marketing experience to our clients ».

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