Green Station Gembloux

40+ new leads monthly in 2 months



Lead generation




Objective: Capture real estate buyers & investors

The project

Besix Red and Thomas & Piron are major real estate developer and constructors in Belgium.



Green Station Gembloux aimed to generate leads and attract potential real estate buyers for their forthcoming development project. However, since the project was still in its pre-construction phase, our task was to generate demand and persuade prospective investors about the project’s unique selling proposition.

The strategy

Our studio crafted and developed a collection of creative assets highlighting the design elements and features of the residences within Green Station Gembloux project. These assets allowed us to launch ‘Demand Creation’ initiatives on popular social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.


Furthermore, we executed a ‘Demand Capture’ approach utilizing Google Search Ads and employing SEO strategies to efficiently capture
individuals actively exploring real estate opportunities.


To ascertain the success of our campaigns, we integrated a measurement solution incorporating Piwik Pro analytics and CRM connectivity,
facilitating the monitoring and refinement of campaign effectiveness.

The results


leads monthly


traffic to the website


in brand searches

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