février 7, 2022

+72% orders YoY with a new Google search ads strategy.

Thanks to a new "Rolling Budget" Google ads strategy, was able to growth their Google ads search sales by 72% year on year.
janvier 31, 2022

+18% in ad recall with Youtube ads for Pauwels Sauzen

After activating a Brand Lift Survey, we noticed a whopping +18,65% in ad recall lift and overall +70.000 lifted users.
janvier 15, 2022

x4 ROAS in 3 months for kids brand e-shop Kidywolf

Kidywolf wanted to leverage digital ads to increase their online store sales in Q4 2021. We realized ROAS x4 in 3 months from scratch.
janvier 1, 2022

x10 store visits for Pauwels Sauzen

After 2 waves of cross channels brand activation for Pauwels Sauzen, they measured an increase of x10 in store visits.
décembre 1, 2021
les promenades d'Uccle besix matexi

Double leads in 2 months for « Les promenades d’Uccle »

After working with Izoard, Matexi & Besix red saw the volume of leads double with a decrease of 20% of the CPA in 2 months.
novembre 3, 2021

#1 on Google for the fitness gym VS Boxing.

We managed to get to #1 position on client's target keywords and bring around 1500 monthly users on the website.
octobre 2, 2021

Boost in-store product launch with display ads

Aldes was able to boost the launch of their first B2C product range in Brico stores.