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Attracting property investors for Arboreto



Lead generation




Multi-channel digital strategy to generate property leads.

The project

Arboreto is the result of a property competition organized by the municipality of Tervuren and won by BPI Real Estate. Working with architects HUB & Styfhals, the former GITO school site was redeveloped into 4 blocks comprising different types of flats, a crèche, and a coworking space.

The BPI Real Estate team wanted to generate awareness for the project through offline and online marketing, with the ultimate goal of generating appointments for their sales team.

The strategy

Using a ‘demand creation’ approach, we worked with our studio to create a series of visuals highlighting the benefits of the PARK project. Namely the luxurious aspects and setting of the flat project. These visuals, created specifically for social media, enabled us to launch effective activation campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Display.

We also developed a ‘Demand Capture’ strategy that enabled us to reach people looking to buy or invest, using Google Ads campaigns.

The results

20 à 30

leads generated each month


in traffic on the website


in searches related to the project

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