Generate more leads,
avoid wasted ad spend &
understand your campaign results

Create demand for your SME and capture potential clients today with our 89-day plan.

Mastering main digital advertising platform, to perfection…


Testimonials about our method

Effective for small and medium B2C companies just like yours

Uncover what keeps our clients returning for more, time and again.

40 more leads monthly

“In our experience, our results were even better than predicted at first. I clearly enjoyed the business-oriented approach of Izoard.”

Stefan Voda
Owner & marketing manager at VS Boxing

50+ new leads monthly

“A transparent and constructive collaboration enabling us to optimise our media plans and meet our needs as effectively as possible.”

Sabrina Fabré
Marketing & Communication Manager at BPI Real Estate

Increase lead generation

“Izoard has helped me with great success on strategic planning, SEO, SEA, lead generation for the Pauwels brand.”

Win van Gorp
Marketing & Communication Manager at Pauwels Sauzen

Why do you need Izoard

Partner with specialists who understand your pain points

Digital marketing in 2024 is so complex.

before Izoard 89-day plan 

🚫 Running digital campaigns with an agency partner or independently but struggling to achieve positive ROI .


🚫 Lacking a comprehensive understanding of how your digital campaigns are influencing your business outcomes.


🚫 Questioning the effectiveness of your digital strategy and experiencing doubts about digital marketing altogether.

after Izoard 89-day plan.

✅ You have a scalable digital lead generation machine in place for your business.


✅ Experience peace of mind: Our dedicated PPC specialists are entirely focused on maximizing your profitability.


✅ You have a clear view of your campaign performances, understand your data, and can make informed decisions confidently.

What is our method

Unlock growth in 6 simple steps
with our 89-day plan

Your proven roadmap for success.

[Step 1] Free digital audit

Day 1>7
We’ll start with a phone conversation so that we can learn more about your business and your digital advertising goals & deep dive into your current strategy to find optimisations.

[Step 2] Creative assets

Day 7 > 21
Our studio will make “stop scrolling” creative assets and compelling ad copies. We record Reels, Tiktoks, Youtube videos and design creative assets for your campaigns.

[Step 3] Create demand

Day 21 > 89
Get noticed on social media. We run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and other social media like Youtube, TikTok and Pinterest to generate demand for your brand/products/services.


[Step 4] Capture demande

Day 21 > 89

Let’s make “stop scrolling” creative assets and compelling ad copies. We record Reels, Tiktoks, Youtube videos and design creative assets for your campaigns.

[Step 5] Measure & optimize

Day 21 > 89

Analytics solution & CRM management. We setup tracking solutions to measure impact of your digital campaigns on the business.


[Step 6] Back to drawing board

Day 79 > 89

Based on our analysis of the campaigns, we get back to the drawing board and produce new creative assets then launch a new 89-day cycle !

What our clients say

We Get Results, And We Can Prove It

Find out why our clients keep coming back for more

50+ new leads monthly for BPI Real Estate’s new development project

Doubling leads in 4 months for HybridCard fulcard provider

x2 qualified leads in 3 months for Les promenades d’Uccle

Why Izoard?


Experience and quality standards from big media agencies

Do you know why we’re often referred to as the ‘robin hoods’ of digital marketing?

Our team members have worked in some of the biggest belgian digital agencies and are now putting their experience to good use for small and medium companies.


Julien Delbauve – Founder

Your growth starts here

Get your Free digital audit

Let’s find quick wins and save money now. For free.

How does it work?

• We’ll jump on a call with one of our experts

• We will discuss your business and objectives

• We analyse your website, SEO, google ads, social media, tracking solution, GDPR,…

• We send you a mini-audit with quick wins and potential optimizations

• We assess if you are a good fit for our 89-day plan

Once convinced, we kick-off you personalized 89-day plan.

Let’s clear any doubts

Frequently asked questions

Do you work with all type of businesses?

We specialised in small and medium business selling products or services for B2C.

No one can promise a fixed number of leads. However, we have used that strategy for 20+ clients and all of them saw a increase in leads in the next 3 months.

• You strongly believe in digital marketing
• You already ran or are running digital campaigns
• You want a boutique agence (less than 10 people)
• You want a 360° support for your digital campaigns

• Google ads: Search – Display – Youtube ads
• Search engine optimisation
• Facebook & Instagram ads
• Tiktok & snapchat ads
• Pinterest ads
• Amazon ads
• Hubspot CRM
• Photo & video shooting

We hate long term contracts. You sign a 3-months renewable contract that you can stop whenever you decide.

You are the sole owner of all your accounts and assets. You have admin access to everything. Your money, your accounts, your data.

We work with a flat fee depending on the time we spend on your campaigns and what services are included in the package. We don’t take a % on the media budget spent in the platforms.

Your receive a by-weekly email status about campaign performances. We meet each other monthly in a video-call to present the monthly report (slides). On top, you can request an automated dashboard to follow the results in real-time.

• We get on a call to learn about your business. We make a free digital audit of your campaigns then send you our price offer.
• Once offer accepted, we develop creative assets for your campaigns
• We the launch demand creation campaigns on social media
• We launch search ads (SEA) and optimise your SEO
• We setup tracking solutions (GA4 or Piwik pro) and a CRM (your choice)
• We have by-weekly email status and monthly reporting to follow your performance and optimise

After the first 89-day plan, you can decide to continue with us to keep generating leads.

Any doubts left?