Iseo projection

100+ new leads monthly in 6 months



Lead generation




Objective: Generate leads in Belgium and France

The project

Iseo Projection has been using digital campaigns for several years to generate leads and is looking to challenge its approach.


With no longer having the time and skills internally to develop campaigns and achieve results, they were seeking a partner to help them generate more business. We collaborated with the agency POUSH (website & SEO) and La super boite (creative strategy) to successfully carry out this project.

The strategy

Our colleague at La Super boite designed and produced a set of creative materials showcasing the advantages of sprayed insulation foam and enhancing Iseo Projection’s credibility. These materials enabled us to initiate “Demand Creation” campaigns on major social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


Additionally, we implemented a “Demand Capture” strategy through Google Search Ads, while our partner POUSH launched an SEO strategy to effectively capture individuals actively seeking solutions for insulating their homes.


To gauge the success of our campaigns, Google Analytics 4 has been setup on the website, and Teamleader CRM was put in place to facilitate monitoring and refining the effectiveness of our campaigns.

The results


leads monthly


traffic to the website


in brand searches

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