BPI Real Estate

50+ new leads monthly in 3 months



Lead generation




Objective: More leads and real estate buyers

The project

BPI Real Estate has been a major real estate developer for more than 30 years in Belgium.



BPI’s marketing team wanted to generate leads and real estate buyers for their new development project Erasmus Garden Park. As long as the project had not yet been built, we had to create demand and convince potential investors of the qualities of the project.

The strategy

Our studio conceptualized and produced a series of video clips showcasing the eco-design features and low energy consumption of the apartments within the Erasmus Garden Park project.


These video assets served as the cornerstone for launching impactful ‘Demand Creation’ campaigns across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.


We finally launched a ‘Demand Capture’ strategy leveraging Google Search Ads and SEO techniques to effectively capture individuals actively seeking to purchase or invest in real estate within the Brussels area.


To ensure the effectiveness of our campaigns, we implemented a measurement solution integrating Piwik Pro analytics and CRM linkage, enabling us to track and optimize campaign performance.

The results


leads monthly


traffic to the website


in brand searches

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