Double orders in one month



Lead generation




Objective: Increase orders. Reduce cost of client acquisition

The project

mazoutmoinschers.be wanted to increase the volume of orders, and the volume of fuel purchased as well as reduce the cost of client acquisition.


However, as the price of fuel has been very volatile these last years and the sector is very competitive, it was a real challenge to increase orders while reducing the cost of acquisition.

The strategy

Izoard has implemented a ‘Demand Capture’ strategy utilizing Google Search Ads to effectively target individuals seeking to purchase fuel online.


Employing a dynamic budgeting approach enables us to adapt to significant fluctuations in search volume, often influenced by fuel prices and weather conditions, such as temperature. This strategy allows us to capitalize on peak days by capturing a majority share of search traffic while strategically reducing investment during slower periods.


Additionally, we have established a comprehensive measurement solution integrating Piwik Pro analytics and CRM linkage, enabling us to meticulously track and optimize campaigns based on tangible business outcomes.

The results


leads generated


in acquisition cost


volume captured

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